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Jewel of the Cape is a Boutique Wedding Consultancy promoting the Cape as a Wedding Destination internationally, assisting the client to source the best talent in the local industry for their wedding, offering our service in the preferred language of the client.

To say that in Cape Town you can source some of the best talent on earth, is not an idle boast, be it florists, decorators, couturiers, beauticians ...... you name it ! The reason is that Cape Town has been a favourite wedding destination for South Africans and international clients alike for as long as 30 years and thus has its wedding infrastructure very well established indeed.

In North Africa, and the Middle and Far East, Cape Town has an established reputation as a favourite retreat from the summer heat. So why not market it as a favourite wedding destination as well?

As a hybrid of Western and Eastern Wedding styles seems to be the trend among the elite of these countries, we do not aim to offer our clients a truly authentic experience, but rather a Western milieu as basis with the following traditional elements grafted onto that.

For Muslim Style weddings

  • Henna celebration
  • The Zaffa procession
  • Traditional elements in the layout e.g. the catwalk and the kosha
  • Traditional designs incorporated in the décor and caske decoration
  • Culture specific entertainment like an Arab wedding singer, belly dancers, and a traditional Arab music band

For Hindu style weddings

  • The Hindu Engagement Ceremony (Vidhi)
  • A Pooja Day & Sangeet Night before the wedding
  • Pre Wedding rituals (Graha Shanti or Devak)
  • The Essential steps in the Wedding Ceremony (VivaahSamskar)
  • Post marriage ceremonies e.g. the Bride’s Naming Ceremony & the Saptarshi-DhruvPrarthana